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If you would like to present a paper, chair a session or speak at Cycling + Walking Innovations 2021, please contact Juliana O'Rourke


Registration open - Tea & Coffee served in the Pioneer Room exhibition area


The Pendulum Suite

Plenary: accelerating the UK active travel sector


Chair: Phillip Darnton, Executive Director, Bicycle Association of Great Britain



Julian Scriven, Managing Director, Brompton bike hire

Michelle Jakeway, Head of Marketing, Raleigh

Philip McAleese, CEO, See Sense

Philip Ellis, Co-Founder & CEO, Beryl

Anthony Lau, Founder and Design Director, Cyclehoop, and Founder of IBikeLondon

Government needs to take a lead on investing in active travel infrastructure, as committed to in Gear Change and CWIS2, but business and innovators can fill the missing chapter in Gear Change: the role of the private sector.

Innovative products and services will be key elements in these plans, and this session will showcase how innovators can:

  • Accelerate the UK active travel market: drive jobs, enterprise, innovation in street engineering and design, products and services, improving infrastructure, data and analytics, safety, electric mobility, wayfinding, apps, folding bikes, cargo and e-cargo bikes

  • Harness the advocacy power of business for active travel

  • Digital innovation & BITS projects (Bicycles and Intelligent Transport Systems)

  • Open a space to explore current barriers and propose new mechanisms to unlock the full potential of active travel – if innovators get more public support, how much further could they develop the sector?

  • Support private sector working with local authorities, the third sector, communities and organisations


Morning break - Tea & Coffee served in the Pioneer Room exhibition area


The Pendulum Suite

Boosting existing and emerging modes​

Chair: Hannah Dayan, Cycling and Walking Development Officer, TfWM

Accelerating the active travel market

Scott Cain, Associate, and Vasant Chari, Solutions Architect , Connected Places Catapult

  • A route-map to accelerate innovation, investment and exports

  • Engaging the innovators

  • Innovation in Combo Travel



Sam Robinson, Director, Love to Ride

  • Sustaining cycling uptake with encouragement, promotion, interaction – and innovation

  • Programme participants explain how engagement works for them

  • Ride 365 - year-round UK programme update and  future innovations 


Designing for net zero and active travel: influencing travel patterns

Sjors van Duren, Cycling Consultant, Royal Haskoning DHV

  • Planning, designing and implementing active travel  infrastructure that can change behaviours

  • UK examples of infrastructure design: Cambridgeshire and Oxfordshire

  • International examples from the Netherlands

The use of apps in cycle parking

Jeremy Green, Managing Director, Falco UK

  • Getting rid of Sheffield stands

  • Apps – the route to secure cycle parking

  • Car park or cycle park  – how operators, local authorities and TOCs can actively manage cycle parking facilities 


From parklets to mobility hubs

Habib Khan, Director, Meristem Design

  • Mobility hubs bring together bike share, walking and cycling provision, shared transport and community space

  • Massive potential: outdoor seating and greenery, real-time journey planning information, cafés, fitness areas and package collection points

  • Insights into future plans for further hubs across the UK

Graphene Suite 1​

Using data as a key enabler

Chair: Sam Li, Senior Innovation Officer, Transport for Greater Manchester

Bringing together employers, local authorities and Innovators to grow cycling 

Philip McAleese, CEO, See.Sense

  • Use of innovative business models & data insights to create a 'win-win-win' solution

  • How data is used for sustainability reporting as well to support city to plan and design cycle infrastructure 

  • Client case studies

Monitoring interactions at zebra crossings

Tom Bailey, Director, Streets Systems

  • Interactions take place on zebras, depending on the location between pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles

  • Much of policy and perception is driven by anecdote combined with long term collision data (which won’t report less serious incidents)

  • Data extracted from video can offer insights into the types of interactions occurring giving a more detailed picture of user experience

A/B Street project: open source software for promoting walking, cycling, and public transport

Dustin Carlino, Project Director, A/B Street


This talk will introduce two recently built tools:

  • Ungap the Map ( plan cycling routes through cities, exploring trade-offs between safety, convenience and hilliness

  • An early prototype for exploring low traffic neighborhoods

  • Both tools are based on OpenStreetMap and publicly available census data and can work anywhere in the world

Inclusive planning & design: travel data gaps and missing research

Lucy Marstrand, Technical Lead, Walking and Cycling. Metis


  • Avoiding commute ‘think’ and designing for children and low traffic neighbourhoods

  • Travel data gaps and how this disenfranchises groups protected under the Equality Act

  • Exclusive and inclusive network planning for walking and cycling

Using data to green up urban walking 

Hana Sutch, co-founder, Go Jauntly 

  • Breaking down barriers to walking 

  • increase walking for leisure and active travel

  • boosting natural connections

Graphene Suite 2​

E-cargo bikes in action: try-out session

11.30 - 11.40: Welcome and Introduction from Edward Pegram, Commercial Partnerships Manager, Raleigh

11.40 - 11.50: E-Cargo in Action case study Beate Kubitz & Antony De Heveningham, Directors, Cargodale

11.50 - 12.00: E-Cargo in Action case study Harriet Hird, Head of Marketing, Zedify 

12.00 - 12.20 - Q & A 

12.30 - 13.30 Cycle try outs (allow 10 minutes for venue departure and arrival at try out zone) 

13.30 - 14.15 - return to venue where lunch served and final networking 

E-Cargo in Action will provide local businesses and organisations working in Greater Manchester with the latest information, best practice and benefits of adopting e-cargo bikes over vans and cars.  


This event will explore the numerous business advantages of making a switch from fossil fuel vehicles, including funding and training as well as the wider societal benefits of reducing congestion, improving air quality and well being.  


Delegates will have an opportunity to network with experts from the e-cargo industry, hear from those that have already made the switch and most importantly an opportunity to try one out! 


Lunch break - Refreshments served in the Pioneer Room exhibition area


The Pendulum Suite
Innovation workshop: public and private sector working together

The Local Bicycle Economy: Simon Irons, Associate Director, Bicycle Association

Followed by panel disussion with:

  • Millie O'Driscoll, Zero Emission City Policy Lead, Department for Transport

  • Karla Jakeman, Connected Transport Innovation Lead, Innovate UK

  • Sam Pierce, Cycling Industries Europe


Session led by Scott Cain,  Associate, Connected Places Catapult

The Bicycle Association is developing a toolkit to enable local cycle advocates (both within the industry and beyond) to put a local industrial case for cycling to city or regional decision-makers.  The Connected Places Catapult, together with Innovate UK, is aiming to boost the active travel market with its routemap to accelerate innovation, investment and exports. The DfT is also supporting  active travel innovation. This session will seek insights to help them with these developments.


Afternoon break - Tea & Coffee served in the Pioneer Room exhibition area


Pioneer Room
Innovation showcase: products and services

Presented in the 'Speed Learning' format, the innovation showcase is a fast-moving discussion platform for knowledge-sharing and helping teams to network. Projects are presented simultaneously at every exhibitor's stand, in 5 x 12 minute sessions. A horn will be sounded when it is time to move to the next innovation.

Innovation 1

How to make the case for investing in an active travel network

Join Royal HaskoningDHV and ITP to hear about the critical path to creating an active travel network, from securing political buy-in, to unlocking funding and feasibility studies


Sjors van Duren, Cycling Consultant, Royal Haskoning DHV, and Ian Stott, Associate Director, ITP

Innovation 2

Official Bikehangar launch 
with live viewing and Q&A

Be among the first to view 
Cyclehoop’s latest innovation, the 
Bikehangar 4.0 and join founder 
Anthony Lau as he reveals the 
new features of this critical piece 
of cycle infrastructure. This session 
is held next to the Bikehangar 4.0 
on display outside the front of the 
building, near the entrance way.

Anthony Lau, Founder & Design Director, Cyclehoop and Founder, IBikeLondon

Innovation 3

Promoting active travel through interactive mapping websites

Websites and interactive maps have huge potential for promoting active and sustainable travel, including layers that can be switched on and off, clickable hotspots and much more, come along to find out more...


Maria Heaman, Commercial Director, Pindar

Innovation 4

Coventry Smart Cycling project

Based on work with See.Sense and RoSPA, this project collects data insights from bike rides to inform the council in the identification and improvement of hazardous cycling locations 


Hannah Dayan, Cycling and Walking Development Officer, TfWM

Innovation 5

Innovation through recycled material

Looking at new and innovative products, how these products can offer cost effective solutions and how they can benefit a scheme


Jeanette Holder, General Manager, Rediweld

Innovation 6

Lighting options for ecologically sensitive areas

The benefits of solar ground lighting on cycle networks: eco-friendly night time delineation in hard to maintain and 'off the grid' places, with minimal disruption. 

Will Clarke, Director, Lakeside

Innovation 7

SALI - Make your own active travel map

Want to create your own maps? SALI is a cost-effective way of promoting active travel to schools, workplaces, travel hubs and tourist destinations. 


Jill Tinsley, Commercial Director, Pindar

Innovation 8

Open source software for promoting walking, cycling, and public  transport: demo session


AB Street has built a range of tools, spanning traffic simulation, bike network planning and 15-minute neighbourhoods, low-traffic neighbourhoods. Come meet the project lead, get a demo of this work, and discuss how the tools might be useful for you...

Dustin Carlino, Project Director, AB Street


Innovation 9

Creating safer spaces and encouraging active travel

Can we create safe spaces for pedestrians and cyclists in towns and cities increasingly dominated by cars? How do we make cycling and walking safer within the boundaries of existing highways infrastructure? Join us for an introduction to Rosehill Highways’ sustainable surface-mounted solutions, designed to protect cycle lanes and improve pedestrian safety without the disruption of costly excavation. 


Clare Riley, Sales Manager, Rosehill Highways

Innovation 10

New data products for local authorities

A new project led by the University of Leeds' called 'openinfra' is aiming to transform the evidence-base about infrastructure provision as it relates to walking and cycling. With input from the Department for Transport, Ordnance Survey and West Yorkshire Combined Authority, openinfra will explore the potential for open datasets, assess their strengths and weaknesses and teach best practices in using them. 

Robin Lovelace and Greta Timaite, University of Leeds

Innovation 11

Meaningful engagement: principles & participation 

What does it mean to meaningfully engage a community  around polarising topics like active travel and the environment?  How can we develop the type of changes people  want to see and the type of actions needed to make 
them possible together?  'Our Streets Chorlton' developed a community-led approach to tackling climate issues  in Manchester from the ground up  with local car journey reduction as the current focus.

Pauline Johnston, WalkRide GM 

Innovation 12

BITS: Bicycles and ITS 

This project aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 9% and increase bicycle use by 10% within target groups. CIE is part of the Consortium of ten partners (NL, DK, BE, UK, DE). This project is will raise awareness of best practice around Smart Cycling, integrate ITS methodologies and datasets into broader multi-modality, thus anchoring cycling in broader mobility policies,  share this data for a multimodal future,

and build a CyclingDataHub to share, analyse and visualise data.

Sam Pierce, Cycling Industries Europe

Innovation 13

Improving active travel infrastructure

As a UK manufacturer of highways products for over 20 years, we have an ever-growing active travel range. This session offers a demonstration of the Cycle Lane Separator (CLS) impact recovery bollard – a product that utilises proven technology from our well-established Night Owl (Keep Left) product – as well as new, bespoke products we have worked alongside local authorities to create, such as the highly visible H-Section bollard.
Vince Wright, UK Sales Manager, Leafield Environmental

Innovation 14

Cycle path delineators: maximum visibility

I-glo bring together reflective and glow in the dark technology to deliver a product range with maximum visibility to ensure that cycle lane perimeters can be seen in darkness and that motor vehicles don't transgress into cycle lanes. This talk will look at cycle path delineators and the importance of colour and size to fit in with any design, specification or safety requirement. Using innovative polymer technology, I-glo are able to recycle plastic cycle delineators an unlimited number of times


David Wagstaff, Technical Director, i-glo

Innovation 15

Improving Collaboration Across the Active Travel Design and Public Consultation Process

Designing active travel plans has historically been a tedious, siloed process.  Gathering feedback from the public and other stakeholders (e.g. consultants, internal departments) has been time consuming, and difficult to understand for non-technical experts.


Join us for a discussion and interactive demo of how councils and authorities across the UK have been improving the quality of designs, incorporating more data, and gathering more feedback across all stakeholders, including the public.  

Sean Floyd, Partnerships Principal, Remix @ Via


Event close


14 November 2023
Manchester Conference Centre

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