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Why attend Walking + Cycling Innovations 2023?


Walking and Cycling Innovations 2023: the one-stop shop for products and services that deliver

Active Travel England (ATE)  has one key objective: ensuring that 50% of trips in our towns and cities are walked, wheeled or by cycled by 2030. 


Working with Active Travel England, Walking and Cycling Innovations 2023 will showcase the products and services that are helping successful local authorities to deliver schemes on the ground.


The programme will include presentations, case studies and demonstrations in the following areas:


  • Data collection, counting, analysis and toolkits

  • Street engineering innovation

  • Improving safety for all road users

  • Active network planning

  • Walking and cycling network design

  • Mapping and wayfinding

  • Accessibility planning

  • Apps and journey planners

  • Parklets and green infrastructure

  • Mobility hubs

  • Behaviour change tools

  • Cycling amenities

  • Consultancy and design

  • Bollards, lighting and active travel infrastructure

  • Appraisal, monitoring and evaluation tools

Join us at Walking and Cycling Innovations 2023 – make sure that you're ready to deliver quality active travel schemes using the most innovative, practical and cost-effective products and services available in the UK.




14 November 2023
Manchester Conference Centre

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