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Welcome to Walking + Cycling Innovations 2023

Local authorities, are you ready to deliver quality active travel schemes?


In July 2023, the Walking and Cycling Alliance welcomed a National Audit Office’s report saying that Government targets for active travel will not be met due to underfunding. 

Yet with net zero emissions set by Government nationally, and with the introduction of new Local Transport Plan standards next year that set further local carbon budgets and net zero commitments, the option to choose safe and attractive active travel options has never been more needed.


Walking + Cycling Innovations 2023 will showcase how active travel is being locked in now while committed funding is still available from the £200 million awarded in May 2023. These funds, and other funding pots,  are “expected to generate up to 16 million more walking and cycling trips a year across the country”, said Mark Harper, Minister for Transport.


Says Chris Boardman, National Active Travel Commissioner, Active Travel England: “Our focus is on working with councils to get these schemes built swiftly. We’ll be working together to ensure the projects are well-designed and effective, so that they bring maximum benefits to communities and help improve lives nationwide.”

Join us at Walking and Cycling Innovations 2023 and make sure that you're ready to deliver quality active travel schemes using the most innovative, practical and cost-effective products and services available in the UK.
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14 November 2023
Manchester Conference Centre

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