Welcome to Cycling + Walking Innovations 2021

Accelerating the active travel sector


The fourth event in this popular series will return for a live, in-person event in December – and with the recent Transport Decarbonisation Plan committing to delivering the Government’s £2 billion vision for cycling and walking over five years, there’s a lot to talk about….


  • Half of all journeys in towns and cities will be cycled or walked by 2030

  • Government will deliver a world-class cycling and walking network in England by 2040

This event was launched four years ago to celebrate the innovators – from the private and public sectors – who are driving the active travel sector. At the end of 2021, as we face up to future challenges, we need an even deeper focus on  accelerating the popularity, convenience and safety of active travel for everyday short trips, and for the short legs of longer multi-modal journeys.


Government needs to take the lead on investing in active travel infrastructure, as committed to in Gear Change and CWIS2, but businesses and innovators can fill the missing chapter in Gear Change: the role of the private sector.


This event will outline how to:

  • Accelerate the UK active travel market: drive jobs, enterprise, innovation, investment, and trade opportunities in street engineering and design, products and services for improving infrastructure, data and analytics, safety, electric mobility, wayfinding, apps, folding bikes, cargo and e-cargo bikes, light electric vehicles (LEVs), battery technology and more

  • Harness the advocacy power of business for active travel

  • Open a space to explore current barriers and propose new mechanisms to unlock the full potential of active travel – if innovators get more public support, how much further could they develop the sector?

  • Support private sector working with local authorities, the third sector, communities and organisations

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Cycling + Walking Innovations 2021

1 December 2021

Manchester Conference Centre
Organised by:
Landor LINKS
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Catapult Connected Places